Friday, January 4, 2013

The Free Illinois Project's time for true reform in ILLINOIS, it IS time to move FORWARD.

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I am writing to propose a common sense re-drawing of the State of Illinois’ geographical boundary. This is addressed in Article IV Section 3 of the US Constitution. Many changes have occurred throughout the States’ founding, but the State has not been able to respond; too many of these changes are hindered because of geographical differences. The northeastern part of the State enjoys great prosperity while much of the southern ¾ is mired in dependency, decay, emptiness, and is at a competitive disadvantage with the surrounding States.

This proposal will be of great benefit to both entities created with the new boundaries. First, the northeastern portion of the state would create the first urban state in the US and become the 51st State, thus enabling these people to be highly competitive with the rest of the world. The remaining part of the State would then be free to set policy that would specifically address their needs to remain competitive with the surrounding States.

Our State was formed when the majority of people were rural and agrarian; Shawneetown was once of great influence, but times have changed and our physical boundary’s enacted in the beginning are no longer of relevance. Our bottom ¾ of the State is holding back the northeastern portion and vice versa. It is this precise scenario why the founding fathers created Article IV Section 3 of the US Constitution. This Section outlines the process for a State to subdivide itself to create new States. If the forefathers did not anticipate this precise issue coming up or never intended for its use they would have never drafted this into the Constitution.

It is your responsibility to recognize the fact that this State is dysfunctional because it contains a people with diverging interests and priorities that are based on geographical location, not political party affiliation. We must fix this problem for ALL the people. It is your responsibility to represent your constituents to provide the most competitive environment for the people of these geographic regions. These newly created States would instantly be the talk of the world and thus enjoy increased positive attention.

Please be a part of the bold thinkers of this generation, rather than the “This is the way it’s always been” crowd. Utilize the tools that our forefathers have given us. Set each other free.

Respectfully Yours,